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Countries USA; Writed by Toby Harvard; Genre Horror; Ant Timpson; 96 minutes; description A man in his thirties travels to a remote cabin to reconnect with his estranged father. I once said to a friend, “I pretty much always like movies with  Elijah Wood. He never picks bad projects because he doesn’t have to. ” I’m referring to the fact that he probably is more than comfortable with his LOTR earnings and is now one of the lucky few that can work on projects for artistic merit alone. Some people have this ability and still manage to be in some terrible movies, but Elijah Wood doesn’t. He has incredible taste, particularly when it comes to horror films. His turn in the remake of  Maniac  was wonderfully terrifying, and we can’t forget that his production company SpectreVision has released some wonderful films, including one of the best films of 2018,  Mandy. This go-round, in Ant Timpson’s  Come To Daddy, Wood is not necessarily the scary one, at least for most of the film. That honor is bestowed to Stephen McHattie as the titular “Daddy. ” It’s almost as if Donnie, Walter and The Dude from  The Big Lebowski  all lived in one body, and that person also happened to be even more insane than Walter. He drinks almost all day. He has an unspoken menacing quality. While Elijah Wood’s Norville is a solid reproduction of every stereotype made about millennial artists, he has a real gold limited edition phone made by Lorde (which, sadly, or maybe gladly… isn’t a real thing), he has a ridiculous black bowl cut and mustache, wears asymmetrical baggy clothing reminiscent of Ric Owen. He’s “big in the music business (read: not really at all)” He’s also 35 and lives at home with his mother in Beverly Hills. “ His attempts to impress his father go south every time. Until finally his father’s animosity towards him reaches a fever pitch…” Norville hadn’t seen his father in many years. Daddy had walked out on them, but prior to the start of  Come to Daddy, Norville receives a letter from him, telling him to come visit. His father lives in a beautiful house on a rocky beach that looks like “a UFO from the 1960’s” (it really does). Norville is nervous and tries to impress his dad, going so far as to stretch the truth quite a bit by saying he’s a close friend of Elton John’s. His attempts to impress his father go south every time. Until finally, his father’s animosity towards him reaches a fever pitch. From this point forward, all bets are off. It’s a crazy, hilarious, gross adventure with plenty of twists and turns and a lot of creative weaponry. Come To Daddy, while more of a horror/comedy hybrid, is my favorite horror offering of the year so far. It’s smart, uncompromising, inventive, and just downright hilarious. Ant Timpson based the story on some true events in his life, which I won’t get down to in this review as it will spoil the film for you. I will say that if you’re truly an independent film fan, you will be excited by a particular cameo performance towards the end. Just go out and see it as soon as you get a chance. It’s a most worthwhile viewing experience, and you’ll never look at a grilling fork the same way again. "…a crazy, hilarious, gross adventure with plenty of twists and turns... ".

If they actually make this a movie I would be so happy 😍😍😍 this edit is so good 😍🔥. Come to daddy download full version. Trailer Besetzung & Stab User-Kritiken Pressekritiken FILMSTARTS-Kritik Bilder VoD Blu-ray, DVD Zum Trailer Bewerte: 0. 5 1 1. 5 2 2. 5 3 3. 5 4 4. 5 5 Möchte ich sehen Kritik schreiben Inhaltsangabe & Details Norval (Elijah Woods) hat seinen Vater (Stephen McHattie) 30 Jahre lang nicht gesehen. Eines Tages aber bekommt er eine Einladung des Papas: Norval soll ihn besuchen kommen. Tatsächlich macht sich der Sohn, der seine Alkoholkrankheit gerade erst in den Griff bekommen hat, auf den Weg. Doch auf der abgelegenen Hütte seines Vaters angekommen, wird er von dem alten Mann nicht erkannt. Der Sohn versucht den Vater zu beeindrucken – und ein Machtspiel nimmt seinen Lauf… Originaltitel Come to Daddy Verleiher - Weitere Details Kritik der FILMSTARTS-Redaktion Nachdem der Eine Ring in „Die Rückkehr des Königs“ eingeschmolzen war, hat sich Frodo-Darsteller Elijah Wood über die Jahre hinweg alle Mühe gegeben, sich von seinem Hobbit-Image zu lösen. Dabei schreckt der Hollywood-Star bei seinen regelmäßigen Ausflügen ins Genrekino auch nicht vor extremen Rollen zurück. Am meisten im Gedächtnis geblieben ist dabei wohl sein verstörender Auftritt in „Maniac“, in dem er einen blutrünstigen Frauenmörder spielt. Zu solchen grenzauslotenden Rollen gesellt sich nun auch sein tollpatschiger DJ Norval aus „Come To Daddy“. Für das Projekt verantwortlich zeichnet der Neuseeländer Ant Timpson, der bisher als Produzent für Genrefilme wie „Deathgasm“, „Housebound“ oder auch die berühmt-berüchtigte Groteske „The Greasy Strangler“ fungierte. Er mag es also offenbar, wenn es auch mal etwas derber zur Sache geht. Und so entpuppt sich auch sein Regiedebüt als wunderb... Die ganze Kritik lesen Das könnte dich auch interessieren Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler Komplette Besetzung und vollständiger Stab Aktuelles Ähnliche Filme Weitere ähnliche Filme Kommentare.

Plot twist: after all he did to be with her shes actually married and trying to find someone to save them 😂. Some of the South Africans sound Eastern European! Still, it looks like a decent movie. I could easily pass this as normal speed in Japan: My N1 place on Earth where 90% of surface is clean and in order. This better turn out to be a Cabin in the Woods situation. But probably not.


What a Directorial Debut from our own Ant Timpson! Dark, irreverent, downright laugh out loud hilarious and some superb characterisation.
What starts innocently enough, takes twisted turn after twisted turn in a journey that had me enthralled after a steady opening.
This film certainly left an impression. Elijah Wood perfectly cast and Michael Smiley, one of my favourite actor's (The Lobster) almost unrecognisable and with some of the most hilarious dialogue I've ever heard.
This will create conversation for sure and I hope Timpson enjoys the success this film deserves. Just a shame it wasn't shot on these shores.
Can't wait for feature Director credit number two, Mr T.

YouTube. Come to daddy download full text. Come to daddy download full episodes. When is someone going to cast Daniel Radcliffe as John Lennon in the John Lennon biopic. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. Come to daddy download full torrent. Come to daddy download full game. Masterpiece, my ears are regenerating hearing this piece of art. Come to daddy download full video. 3 wins & 5 nominations. See more awards  » Edit Storyline Norval's life has been, to put it lightly, difficult. Currently living home with his mother, the troubled young man is coming off alcohol-related struggles. So when he receives an unexpected letter from his estranged father requesting a visit, Norval catches a bus up to his dad's secluded and scenic waterfront home. Maybe reconnecting with his father will give Norval the emotional fulfillment he's been lacking. Before long, though, he notices something off about his dad, an uneasy feeling triggered by inappropriate comments and a possible over-dependence on booze. Norval quickly realizes that his hope of father/son bonding is doomed. Instead of a family reunion, he finds himself in waking nightmare. Written by Mongrel Media Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Motion Picture Rating ( MPAA) Rated R for strong violence, language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity See all certifications  » Details Release Date: 7 February 2020 (USA) See more  » Also Known As: Come to Daddy Box Office Opening Weekend USA: $61, 381, 9 February 2020 Cumulative Worldwide Gross: $61, 381 See more on IMDbPro  » Company Credits Technical Specs See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Trivia Both Ant Timpson and Elijah Wood injured themselves during filming that for awhile, Ant had to continue directing while sitting on a chair with a microphone given by the sound department along with speakers put on the camera. See more » Quotes Norval Greenwood: I don't think I liked him. He called me a rat-fucker, among other things. See more ».

2:50 all the way, man. Ok so what i got from these trailers is basically: Sudden loud noise = horror movie. You better strap in when you sit down for Come to Daddy, because the directorial debut from Turbo Kid and Deathgasm producer Ant Timpson is an elusive, endlessly shocking thrill ride. Built around some brutal daddy issues and finding the cracks in broken relationships where something new can flourish, Come to Daddy is always zigging when you expect it to zag, with tongue firmly in cheek and heart proudly on its sleeve (whether that’s a heartfelt moment or just a bit of arterial spray depends on the scene. ) Elijah Wood stars as Norval, an awkward and effete thirty-something who grew up in Beverly Hills luxury and walks around desperate to discover the connection his life lacks. Recovering from alcohol dependency and depression, Norval endows himself with a false sense of glamor, as flashy and put on as the gold-plated limited-edition iPhone he clutches to. When Norval receives a letter from his long-lost father, who fucked off and left behind his wife and child decades ago, he treks out to his dad’s remote waterside cabin in search of the family reunion he’s always dreamed of. But Norval’s hopes fall apart as fast as his pretenses when he arrives square in the brittle arms of Brian ( Stephen McHattie); a real bitter, mean old bastard who never shows an ounce of affection towards his son, let alone giving Norval the affirmation he so desperately needs. Image via Saban Films Fortunately, if Norval is lost in his search for identity, Come to Daddy suffers no such problems. (No film that begins with a one-two punch of quotes from William Shakespeare and Beyonce could be accused of lacking identity. ) It takes a bit of time to get moving, but Timpson establishes a distinct tone and voice early on, and rarely loses his grip on it, no matter how many wild, jarring detours and misdirects he throws at the audience. And this movie is wild. But first, it’s savage. The interactions between Norval and his long-lost father are a horrible train wreck you can’t take your eyes off of, and McHattie chews up, savors, and spits out every vicious barb that Timpson and screenwriter  Toby Harvard give him. Harvard previously co-wrote The Greasy Strangler, so if you’ve seen that film, you know how poisonous he can make a father-son dynamic, and  Come to Daddy ‘s script puts Wood and McHattie toe-to-toe in a series of spectacularly toxic interactions. Come to Daddy isn’t just a shocker for its violence and unexpected trajectory, but for the tenderness and emotional resonance beneath it all. Yes, it’s a cheeky, zig-zagging narrative that thrills in subverting expectations, and no doubt the violence is there – a particularly gory, extended sequence absolutely brought the house down at the Fantasia debut – but the biggest treat comes when those outrageous revelations somehow make the film even more grounded. It’s one of those movies you want to know as little as possible about, but let’s just say it also features a pair of fantastically fun and camped-out pair of performances from Michael Smiley and Martin Donovan as a pair of old rivals, a couple more real rough characters, who get thrown into the mix. And Wood grounds it all in his understated but endearing performance as Norval, the straight man in the madness who’s always wide-eyed in shock or terror or dismay at his confounding circumstances. Sketched out with broad genre strokes and big, unruly emotions, Come to Daddy is one heck of a midnight movie that’s all but guaranteed to thrill the genre crowd. But for those who have the stomach for the bloody antics, Timpson also laces in solid character work and some delicious micro-moments between the chaos, letting his actors make a meal of every scene. Funny and fucked in the head with a cartoonish sense of humor that borders on magical realism, Come to Daddy is a strange brew, but it’s a good one. Rating: B+.

Come to mama 💘 💘 💘. Come to daddy download full episode. Come to daddy download full hindi. Come to daddy download full movie. Is this what happened after the events of lord of the rings. Come to daddy download full songs. Come to daddy download full music. Creative little flick with a few surprises. The acting in this is was great. Elijah Woods and Stephen Mcgattie shared some really good scenes. Dragged a little here and there but was still a decent film. The few unexpected twists were cool. The last scene kinda fell short in my opinion... 6 stars not bad.

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